Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Suss Out

The other day my boss's boss called me. I usually get a little nervous when he comes a callin'. I don't know why. He's always been very kind and helpful. This call was of personal nature. He had heard that we are moving to Australia and wanted to know "whereabouts." I told him we would be in Sydney. He said "well girl I've got a friend for you." I said "you do?" He proceeded to tell me that he and his wife had met this girl about a year ago in Paris while celebrating their 25th anniversary. They met on a ferry tour. She had offered to take their picture and because of her "british" accent the conversation progressed. They lost each other in the crowd as the boat docked not knowing if they would ever meet again. The next day they were touring a cathedral in Paris and in a mob of thousands they happened to bump into each other. Since then, they have become great friends. Jim said "she reminds me a lot of you. She's a devout christian, heavily involved in her church in Sydney. She's about your age and has long red hair. Anyway, I want you two to meet. I think you'll hit it off great. And you'll have a friend in Sydney when you get there." This made my heart so happy. I have been praying about this, about a friend, or at least some connection since we know no one.

Angie is her name and we've been emailing. I feel like we are fast friends already. She has been so helpful and excited. She even offered to take my resume and pass it out to all her friends and then proceeded to tell me "I'll let you know how our job hunt goes." She's been so generous and inclusive and warm. She attends Hillsong in Sydney and we look like we could be sisters. She says words like 'whilst' and 'suss out.' Aussies abbreviate everything and spell things without z's and ous's, like seriusly and organise. I had to Google 'suss out,' which means 'to figure out' or 'investigate'. I like this about them already.

I am bowled over by God's provision. What are the chances that a year ago my boss's boss would happen upon this great Christian girl who lives in Sydney and be able to connect the dots for us. Angie said she "was so excited & touched & moved by God that I had to go into the ladies toilet & just sit there & i cried...but with happy tears. Its just such an example to me of God providing. I mean what are the chances of me knowing Jim, and then God saying 'ok I will get Jim to refer Kris to Angie'... i mean He is just so faithful. I just am blown away by how faithful & helpful our God is."

Yes. Right on. Miraculous.

We placed the for sale sign in our yard Monday after a weekend of hard labor. Dirty hard labor. Our basement is now immaculate with freshly painted walls, sealed up cracks and sprayed for bugs. I detest bugs, especially the jumpy ones. It was a matter of minutes before the first car rolled past to pick up a flyer. Brooks showed it three times last night, that's Tuesday. A little more than 24 hours later. We now have a verbal offer from a pre-approved couple that we like, for more than asking price. COME ON! WHAT? SERIUSLY? I know these things can fall through but I am still amazed by this.

Dear God in heaven who resides in my heart, thank you for letting me experience Your miracles and Your hand at work. Some may pass these events off as "meant to be." But I know You and Your ways cannot be explained with words. You make me believe that better is one day in Your presence than a thousand elsewhere. And that yes, indeed, You are VERY FAITHFUL & HELPFUL!

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