Friday, August 28, 2009

Big Small Things

When you know you're not going to be around much longer, things you may have taken for granted become more important and weighty. Like the touch of your Dad's hand holding yours and looking into someone's eyes with your own. Gathering round the dinner table over food you've prepared together. Playing in the sand box or a kiss on the cheek. Watching the birthday girl open the gift you've carefully picked out and feeling the anxiety in hopes that it's just right. The smell of good perfume that lingers on you after a warm hug. Going for walks and watching each other's shadows dance on the pavement. I've become like a sponge, soaking up every ounce of joy out of the seemingly normal parts of life.

We've decided to move to a land we've never seen or heard, stepping out in faith in acceptance of a great gift and I can't waste a moment. I'm realizing how rich our life is and how grateful I am for the smallest of things. Thank you Lord for the bounty of goodness, I delight in each moment, each person, each laugh, each hug, each tear, each word, each jar of jelly made, each evening walk and talk, each corny joke and silly game, each piece of bread broken and cup shared. Write this on my heart, lest I forget, the honor of cherishing the moment. Remind me always and forever to be thankful for such things as these.


  1. If there were a certain word that encompassed that thing where you pause with a lump in your throat, blow air out of your cheeks, and blink away the tears in your eyes, I would write that word down in this comment box.

  2. Thank you! What an incredible reminder of gratefulness and cherishing the moments. I will always cherish my moments spent with you. Love you friend.