Sunday, August 16, 2009


I never wanted a dog. Don't get me wrong I love animals. I was one of those kids who adored them. I even worked at a Vet clinic for a while, caring for the sickly and layed up, cleaning up vomit and sitting with them late at night after surgery. And if you've never caught dog vomit in your hands you don't know what sort of love that is.

We never had pets in the house growing up. We were farm people, the pets lived out of doors.

It wasn't too long after we got married and my husband was begging to get a dog. I was like a brick wall about it. No way. No how. Never. He wore me down into trying it once. We handed that dog lady an outrageous amount of money, got the mini schnauzer and named her Molly. She was adorable and terribly needy. Like a baby. I wasn't ready for a baby. I liked doing as I pleased, going where I wanted to go whenever I wanted to go and she tied me down. So, three days later after lots of crying and convincing we took her back to her puppy friends. Heartbreaking, I know.

A few years passed and we started talking about a dog again. This time we decided if we were going to do it we would be noble about it and adopt. Our preference being an older dog, meaning, potty trained. We began the search and found Lucy in a shelter near St. Louis. Her shelter name was Chelsea and she was pretty rough around the edges.

She has since become a member of our family. Now, 3 peas in a pod. Minus the barking at the doorbell and excitedly jumping on visitors she's got fantastic qualities. I've never had someone so happy to see me walk in the door, who pounces on me and lays her head on my chest like a doggy hug. She jumps up in your arms if you go to pick her up, just to give you a hand. Lucy loves going for walks, chasing squirrels and going bye-bye in the car so she can stick her head out the window. She curls up into a dog ball in her bed and when I'm upset she knows and comforts me. She will howl at you to tell you things and in the evening she loves to play tug of war. She has completely won my heart. I adore her and know everything about her, all her little quirks. I have a dog in my house and I am so much better for it.

With the move looming we're trying to figure out a place for her and last night the reality of not having her in our everyday was crushing me... my heart hurt and I couldn't stop sobbing. I can only begin to imagine how mothers feel about their babies.

It is amazing to me how our hearts can change and grow. We've got our heels dug in, set our minds on having things our way, but as we open up to a new idea, something happens. I believe its God. He changes me, changes my heart into someone more loving, more considerate and selfless, more open and generous, like Him.


  1. She also has a way of cocking her ear, just so, to make her look as if she is thoughtfully considering every word you are saying.

  2. Oh how I have seen you change and grow over the years. God is so good! What joy that black little fuzzy adorable wonder has brought to your life. God knows what's best for the days ahead...