Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter 2

I walked with a friend tonight. I picked her up in Miss Bianca and we set out to find a reserve park she had heard about in a nearby town. It was lovely and a welcome change of scenery especially for her. She is without a car and any chance there is to get out of the 1 mile radius is exciting. I am so thankful for our little car!

The weather is perfect today, not too cold, not too hot, it's just right. We weaved in through the bright green forest talking and laughing moving branches gently out of our path. Enjoying the night air and change of scenery. As it is with the good friends, you find yourself talking about the smallest of things and the biggest of things. What's for dinner and what are we even on earth for? We talked about how annoyed I am that the kitchen floor will not stay clean no matter how many times we clean it. She told me about her country, South Africa, and the civil unrest there and how scary it is. She said we would never ever be able to just go for a walk in her country and how nice it was to be free. I marveled at this truth. She asked me to pray for her Mom's biopsy tomorrow. Of course I will. I told her about my good friend who has something scary happening in her body and she doesn't know what it is or why? We talked of politics, history, war, health care, genocide, cancer, landscaping, housekeeping and holding out hope when all seems so grim. Being positive among the pain. Being a keeper of the faith. Landing on the fact that so much is a mystery and is too big for me to understand.

On my walk home I was telling God about how things are kind of going to crap down here, as if He didn't know. I admit I did use the word crap and now I've used it twice more. I was wondering out loud with Him if it's much worse in the world now than it was when He flooded the earth and how bad does it have to get. I know He promised never to wipe us out again but sometimes I think He must want to. I was thinking about the ark and how we might need another one of those to save us from all this ugly. I'm sure He needs my big ideas. And then it washed over me, my very own flood, and I realized He already has... He did it and we celebrated it a few days back. Easter.

"And Noah...entered the ark to escape the waters of the flood."
Genesis 7:7

"But God remembered Noah...and he sent a wind over the earth, and the waters receded." Genesis 8:1

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