Saturday, January 2, 2010


Here we are nearly one week away from departure to the Land of Oz, homeless and unemployed. At the beginning of the day now Brooks and I look at each other with a gaze of understanding, clap our hands together, fingers intertwined, we smile and head out to do the days bidding. Its a mix of emotions being homeless and unemployed. Its freedom and fear.

Trying for fear not to get the best of me I lift my voice to the heavens, open my spirit to the Truth and let God remind me what faith is. There is no escaping His presence or His kindness. He is all around me. In and through me. My very present help in time of need. Why would I doubt? I have seen the wonders, the way He orchestrates the music of life.

As we sat in the car a few days ago making preparations this song from Sara Groves, one of my favorite singer songwriters, came on.

“From This One Place”


I don’t know what’s making me so afraid

tiny cloud over my head

heavy and grey with a hint of dread

I don’t like to feel this way

take me back to a window seat

with clouds beneath my feet

from this one place I can’t see very far

in this one moment I’m square in the dark

these are the things I will trust in my heart

you can see something else

something else

So that’s it then. These are the things I will trust in my heart. I am in the dark but the Good Shepherd can see. I’ll put my hand in His. Intertwine my fingers with His and follow. Trusting blindly, faithfully.

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