Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My father-in-law took us flying today. There are few things that make him happier than flying. It was a cold day and it took several tries to get the Cessna started which I must admit concerned me a little and made me want to say "we can sure do this another day." After she got fired up we headed out to the end of the runway. Sharon and I in the back. Lanny and Brooks, pilot and copilot. Off we went into the wild blue yonder. More white and gray on this winter day.

There we were hanging above the earth. Wings gliding on the wind. We flew over my sister's house then over the family farm and on to a neighboring town. When I get to look down from above it puts things in perspective. Houses, cars, farms, all become so small. Looking down you see the plots of land and spots of water, some bigger than others. Today the terraces caught my attention. The way they move across the land like someone's fingers playing in the sand or paint. God sized finger painting. Maybe so. I like the thought of it.

We landed in Eldon where I was promoted to copilot. Out with the old in with the new.

The thing about flying with Lanny is that he makes the copilot be the pilot. I'm glad he's got this kind of confidence in me and all but its a little nerve racking at first. But once you start feeling it and you're doing it, you're really flying, then you're so glad he made you. I see where Brooks gets the quality of believing in people so much that they end up believing in themselves.

I like to experience people at their best, in their element. To see their light shine so brightly. You can tell when a person is really passionate about something. They talk with a pleasant lilt, usually faster, with meaning, urgency and confidence.

Flying that plane helped me understand what Lanny finds in flying.
Thank you for sharing it with me.

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